Ashwin Ramachandra

Leadership Team

Ashwin Ramachandra

VP and Head - Product Engineering Services

Ashwin heads Product Engineering Services at Sasken. He has made immense contributions in the various teams that he has been a part of. As part of the Nortel team, he transformed from an engineer to an architect in 3G/Dual-mode protocol stacks. He has dabbled with technical marketing for the Products Division before moving on to the Portfolio team for Sasken’s Feature Phones offering. Besides, he has had a productive stint as a Business Manager. Prior to Sasken, Ashwin claims to have spent a year, soul-searching and working with TI in parallel.

Ashwin holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies and critiquing them. Besides, Ashwin travels every time he has an opportunity.

Dr PG Poonacha

VP - Technology

Hari Haran

President - Global Sales, Marketing and Business Lines

Krishna Kumar

VP and Head - Global Delivery

Manoj Damodar

VP and Head - Global Sales

Narendra Khandekar

Senior VP and Head, Semiconductor Practice


AVP and Head - Business Operations

Ramkumar B

VP - Finance

Ram Ramaseshan

Senior VP and Head - Automotive and Industrials BUs

Sanjiv Pande

VP and Head - Marketing

Srinivas Prasad

VP and Head - Communications & Consumer BU

Swami Krishnan

VP - Employee Engagement & Development and Corporate Communication

Toni Varila

CEO and Delivery Manager - Sasken Finland