Toni Varila

Leadership Team

Toni Varila

CEO and Delivery Manager - Sasken Finland

Toni heads Sasken Finland and is responsible for Sasken’s business and subsidiary in Finland. After studying Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Jyväskylä in Finland, Toni joined Botnia Hightech (acquired by Sasken in 2006) as a designer in 1999.

While he worked on WCDMA base station initially, after a couple of years he found himself moving towards managerial positions than technical roles. After years of working in various managerial positions in both sales and project deliveries, Toni began heading the company from March 2013. In the past, Toni has led HW teams who were responsible for  making both the Inmarsat phones that Sasken has made.

Toni loves competing in Trapshooting and Motorsports. He participates as a competitor, event organizer and as a spectator in the latter.

Ashwin Ramachandra

VP and Head - Product Engineering Services

Dr PG Poonacha

VP - Technology

Hari Haran

President - Global Sales, Marketing and Business Lines

Krishna Kumar

VP and Head - Global Delivery

Manoj Damodar

VP and Head - Global Sales

Narendra Khandekar

Senior VP and Head, Semiconductor Practice


AVP and Head - Business Operations

Ramkumar B

VP - Finance

Ram Ramaseshan

Senior VP and Head - Automotive and Industrials BUs

Sanjiv Pande

VP and Head - Marketing

Srinivas Prasad

VP and Head - Communications & Consumer BU

Swami Krishnan

VP - Employee Engagement & Development and Corporate Communication