Organizations today face a stiff task of showing value for all its stakeholders the employees, the investors and the shareholders. Newer business models coupled with sustained strategy to create inflection points for the organization’s growth is on the top of every business leader’s mind. In this race of time against revenues, one very commonly neglected variable is our environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, Sasken’s focus on the environment is equal to its focus on its business. We believe that by empowering our employees we have opened the door for environmental conservation to four times our company’s strength.  It’s not about just being environment friendly but being a change agent to the ecosystem around us through one of our most important stakeholders – Our employees. Sasken was awarded the ISO 14001 certification in June 2006.

Our sustained execution revolves around

  • 100% compliance to all applicable legislations
  • Generate active awareness on the consumption of environment’s resources
  • Recycling and Re-use in all our Business operations
  • Promoting environment friendly products


SOS like most of us are aware stands for Save or Sink. The SOS campaign aims to make each of us responsible for the years to come. This is an initiative where there is a continuous awareness generated by communicating that if we do not ‘save’ today we will ‘sink’ tomorrow to showcase increasing depletion of natural resources and the importance to conserve.

The SOS campaign focuses on four main areas

  • Water conservation
  • Paper conservation
  • Power conservation
  • Avoiding wastage of food

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is an integral component of our organization within which our Environmental Management System (EMS) initiative is based ‘Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Development’. It comprises of a comprehensive, formal and documented system consisting of three well-defined modules to ensure focused attention. Thus we make sure that EMS is organically incorporated into each job profile of each and every team member.

Together we make a difference.

For more details please write to marketing@sasken.com