About Sasken

It’s seeing far enough to bring things closer

To have vision alone is never enough. To have the tenacity and courage to turn that vision into a tangible reality is what makes a company truly great. In other words, it’s about looking at every problem as an opportunity to bring the future closer.

Sasken is helping people stay better connected wherever they are.

Connectivity and video have today become pivotal in the communication space. As more industries including auto electronics, consumer electronics, retail and healthcare see connectivity to the cloud as an essential, along with data driven, near real time decision making, Sasken with its unparalleled domain competencies in communication and media processing is poised to take on critical challenges that the industry manifests.

We work with our counterparts in the ecosystem to deliver supreme services in the new, evolving environment of connected devices. There has been glory in the past. As you are reading this, we are making it our own.