Mobility Solutions

Sasken Enterprise Mobility offerings make it easy to build and deploy mobile applications that are differentiated by rich user experience and works across multiple mobile platforms with seamless enterprise integration. These solutions are flexible, adaptable and targeted to maximize business effciency while reducing integration expenses. They are built on Sasken’s partnerships, capabilities, and track record with an assurance of quick turnaround time, high quality and high reliability.

In addition to solutions, Sasken’s enterprise offerings provide a Suite of Enterprise Lifecycle Services which include:

  • Assessing Enterprise Mobile Needs
  • Dening Mobile Strategy
  • Architecting Secure Solutions
  • Application and Software Development
  • End to End Integration Services
  • Software upgrades / Updates
  • Software maintenance
  • Product support

What we offer

Device Management

Our mobile device management services, coupled with the leading MDM tools, are targeted towards enterprises in diverse industries to manage smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices. We support all the major mobile platforms enterprises for deployment, Apple iOS,
Android, RIM, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Features of this offering:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Assessment and Selection
  • MDM Procurement
  • MDM Implementation
  • MDM Managed Services

Multi Platform Custom Mobile Application Development

Custom mobile application development services are offered by selecting the most optimal combination of leading commercial or open-source based tools for custom applications, middleware and platforms to help enterprises to deploy secure and easy-to-manage mobility applications and solutions.

Features of this offering:

  • Mobile delivery methodology on Multiple platforms
  • Portfolio of Leading Mobile architecture frameworks, tools and accelerators
  • User experience designed around intuitive access to data and enterprise business processes.
  • Mobile Deployent and Testing across device,carrier, platform
  • Mobile platform agnostic approach (native or browser based)

Mobile Field Force Solutions

Mobile field workers frequently need rapid access to the right information to be effcient. Currently for most of the activities associated with field force workers they have limited access to operations and business critical data while they are mobile. Further, remote access to such data is also not well thought out by the Enterprise Software Architects. Sasken's field force automation and remote data access solutions will allow easy and intuitive access to operations and business critical data to the field force workers on mobile handhelds.

What are the benefits

  • Increased Field-Force productivity and business process effciency
  • Reduced Travel Expenses due to less time spent in the field
  • Delivery of field solutions based on custom business rules and enterprise policies
  • Complete elimination of paper-based processes that commonly cause duplication of effort and avoidable transcription errors
  • Field force solutions optimized and tailored around the business processes allow scalability
  • Enterprise data mashups delivered based on device/user context.

Why Sasken is your best option

  • Over 15000 man years of experience in Mobile Software, Hardware and Platform Development across almost all the Tier-1 Handset OEM platforms
  • Deep expertise in developing custom hardware and software mobile solutions on various Tier-1 device OEMs, Tier-1 Chipset OEMs
  • Preferred Supplier and Partner relationships with Tier-1 Handset OEMs
  • Strategic partnerships with Mobility Software Tools and Platform providers
  • Strategic partnerships with key Enterprise Ecosystem players as well as with Operators
  • Significant cost benefits with offshore development model with development centers in India and China


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