Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility today is generating a lot of interest amongst technology vendors as well as enterprises. The pervasiveness of connected devices like Smartphones and Tablets have opened up real (and immediate) potential for adding business value and process improvement while presenting several new challenges in terms of security, preparedness and experience.

At Sasken, we continue to engage in a dialogue with clients and other enterprises across vertical industries and domains to understand and address the challenges that seem to recur as they pursue initiatives to render their enterprises truly mobile:

  • Increasing complexities in identifying the right platform (or a MEAP) based on existing processes and business needs
  • Issues with BYOD solutions for the workplace and challenges with BYOD initiatives these post implementation
  • Identifying the right mix and versions of existing Platforms/ Operating Systems to increase coverage while reducing threats and liabilities
  • Identifying the best route for application development: Native on-device Apps Vs. or do we broader Web application development