Future Connected Cars USA


Future Connected Cars USA

Sasken is proud to have been a Silver Sponsor for the Future Connected Cars USA event held in Santa Clara from May 10th to 12th. At the event, which is co-located with IoT World and Apps World, Sasken showcased its latest Telematics solution built on high-end Renesas processor. This was coupled with a display of our latest LTE Wi-Fi hotspot device. Our experts also demonstrated Sasken’s IoT platform and our expertise in wearables with trace and tracking devices. In his thought leadership session, Ashwin Ramachandra, VP and Head, ER&D practice addressed an audience over a 100 decision makers from various tier-1s and OEMs on the topic “Productization challenges in the Telematics System”.

To know more about Sasken’s representation at the event, please write to Ripunjay Nayak, ripunjay.nayak@sasken.com

Solutions Demonstrated Key Takeaways from Speaker session
  • Sasken Telematics solution built on a high-end Renesas processor (R-Car M2)/GENIVI standards based platform was showcased as accelerator for Tier-1s, IoT customers
  • Advantages of the solution include reduced hardware costs as the TCU shares the hardware resources with other functions like IVI
  • Sasken IoT platform, trace and tracking devices, and LTE Wi-Fi hotspot device
  • Turnkey product design and development solution for the Inmarsat PLC’s IsatPhone 2 covering software, hardware, mechanical design, system integration, and complete testing
  • Productized development of IT services from IT Infrastructure management to mobile-centric architecture, analytics, and enterprise mobile applications
  • Some challenges include silos getting merged and resulting in real-time, on-demand services like Spotify and Connected Diagnostics among others
  • Companies can tide over these challenges by:
    • Addressing challenges of complex modern Telematics units, understanding antenna design, and asymmetric signal gain
    • Focusing on ensuring quality with 3GPP Compliance/Seamless handover and implications of downloadable apps in terms of vehicle security, frequent software updates, and liabilities
    • Usage of SoC that has integrated connectivity modules to optimize on qualification costs
    • Virtualization – Use of Type1/Type2 hypervisor to re-use hardware resources
    • Integration and validation with various eCall standards


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