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In the evolving automotive landscape, consumers are demanding a host of connected car services that include superior entertainment, real-time information access, and enhanced safety. Sasken delivers R&D services ranging from intelligent in-car infotainment and autonomous driving assistance to safety and personalized mobility experience. Sasken is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for the TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 event to be held in Detroit, USA from June 07 to 08.


At the event, Sasken will be showcasing its extensive automotive expertise with the following solutions

ADAS Validation Solution

  • Test vision-based and sensor fusion algorithms with Sasken’s ADAS validation solution
  • Generate test video data based on a scenario description along with simulated sensor signals
  • Compare your algorithm output against the scenario description for accuracy and latency of detection

ECU Consolidation Solution

  • Reduce costs without compromising on safety and functionality with Sasken’s ECU consolidation solution
  • Achieve shorter time-to-market with a readymade accelerator for creating a hypervisor-based infotainment and cluster system

Android IVI Solution

  • Stable Android-based infotainment platform which you can use to customize and add your own IVI features
  • Get more time to focus on getting differentiated Android-based infotainment products to the market faster without having to worry about maintenance

Smart Mobility Solution

  • Inculcate newer data sources and leverage analytics to drive better consumer experience with Sasken’s smart mobility solution
  • Leverage a combination of onboard diagnostics, telematics, car sensors, and mobile phones to extract data from the car and analyze in real time

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