Application Development


Application Development

Ashish Mital

Subject Matter Expert

The automotive value chain is observing a series of digital disruptions that may make the automotive world appear different by 2020. In Sasken’s perspective, three main disruptions are forcing the next generation of innovation in the automotive world:

  • Technology – Rise of vehicle connectivity and collection of real-time sensor data from connected vehicles
  • Consumer experience – Consumers are increasingly viewing the car as a component in the connected mobility ecosystem
  • Market opportunities and spread of flexible and intermodal urban mobility concepts

The rise of vehicle connectivity allows the mapping of the entire connected car world in the digital realm. Sasken provides P2D (physical to digital) transformation services around this opportunity that are geared to tap the opportunities shaped by the above disruptive forces.

Mobile Application Development
  • Mobility solutions for plant floor operations
  • Targeted customer apps based on telematics data
Auto App Store Applications
  • Design and development of connected car applications for enhancing customer experiences
  • Development of brand specific applications for Automotive OEM specific app stores
Cloud Apps
  • Telematics portals and after market dealer portals using technologies such as Angular.JS, Bootstrap.JS
  • Mobile friendly interactive maps using leaflet maps and OpenStreetMap
  • Journey planning, trip punctuality analysis solutions
Digital Assurance
  • Smartphone app suite test automation using test cloud solutions
  • Web application test automation using tools such as Protractor, Selenium
RFID/NFC based Value Added Services
  • Design, development and support for solutions that allow automotive brands to better connect with consumers
  • Design and development of solutions that allow automotive OEMs to better streamline their operations. Our services include designing service personnel enablement solutions and mobility solutions for plant-floor operations among others
  • RFID-based component tracking solutions for auto manufacturers to track components

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