In-Vehicle Infotainment

In-Vehicle Infotainment

OEMs are increasingly adopting high performance hardware systems and open source technology for their IVI systems to meet the consumer’s demand for an ever-connected lifestyle even on the go. Sasken enables auto OEMs and manufacturers to swiftly deploy state of the art IVI solutions in a cost optimized fashion.

Dorairaj Vembu

Subject Matter Expert

  • Rear Seat Entertainment
    • HD audio-video content playback: USB, SD-Card, CD and MTP devices
    • Dual screen support: Independent video sharing and Joint play
    • iPod manager: iAP1 stack enabling iPhone/iPod audio and video playback support
    • Blu-Ray connectivity
    • Audio-video rendering from aux port
    • Smartphone Integration: wireless content sharing from mobile devices through DLNA on Wi-Fi
    • YouTube streaming and HTML5 browser support
    • Miracast screen sharing using Wi-Fi direct
  • In-Dash Systems
    • Navigation software (AGPS and SUPL)
    • Car audio solutions
    • Bluetooth hands-free call support using high quality speech codecs
    • Music playback with extended audio formats and codecs
    • User Interface and HMI
    • MirrorLink client for reduced driver distraction and assistance
    • CAN connectivity: AC and audio player controls from car steering
  • Graphics, Camera, Audio, Video component porting and Stabilization
  • HAL Adaptation: Camera and Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
  • Codec, Parser, DRM integration
  • App development and integration
  • Benchmarking and Optimization
  • Pre-certification Services
  • System, performance and interoperability testing
  • Bluetooth integration, validation and maintenance – upto BT 4.0 , BLE
  • Wi-Fi standards and extensions (802.11x), Wi-Fi Direct, MAC SW, SoftAP, Security (WEP, WPA and WPA2)
  • NFC stack development, integration, validation, maintenance and IP licensing
  • Smart Phone Connectivity - CarPlay (iAP2 stack integration), Android Auto integration, Enabling Smart Device Link, MirrorLink  & Miracast, Media Transfer Protocol, DLNA
  • GPS – driver, app, stack development (AGPS and SUPL); e911 and FT
  • LTE/3G (VoLTE, ePDG, SVLTE)– antenna design, stack, modem integration, conformance and RF testing, automation
  • V2X - App Development using 802.11p, ADAS Fusion, Vision based ADAS
  • Unit and Integration testing
  • System functionality and Sanity testing
  • Performance testing: AV quality, CAN message latency, UI Responsiveness
  • Certification testing: iPod, DivX, Dolby, BD, BT, DLN
  • Stress and Reliability testing: long duration, max load tests
  • Automation testing
  • Field testing
  • Tools: Vector CANalyser, CANoe, OptoLyser, Apple ATS, MISRA, AutoSpice

Hardware Platforms

  • Texas Instruments - J4, J5, J6
  • Renesas - R Car H2
  • Intel - Atom 38xx, Gordon Ridge MRB based on Apollo Lake SoC
  • Qualcomm - 820A, 602A
  • NXP - i.MX6

Software Platforms

  • AGL
  • Android
  • QNX