In-Vehicle Infotainment


In-Vehicle Infotainment

Dorairaj Vembu

Subject Matter Expert

OEMs are increasingly adopting high performance hardware systems and open source technology for their IVI systems to meet the consumer’s demand for an ever-connected lifestyle even on the go. Sasken enables auto OEMs and manufacturers to swiftly deploy state of the art IVI solutions in a cost optimized fashion.

IVI Solutions
  • Rear Seat Entertainment
    • HD audio-video content playback: USB, SD-Card, CD and MTP devices
    • Dual screen support: Independent video sharing and Joint play
    • iPod manager: iAP1 stack enabling iPhone/iPod audio and video playback support
    • Blu-Ray connectivity
    • Audio-video rendering from aux port
    • Smartphone Integration: wireless content sharing from mobile devices through DLNA on Wi-Fi
    • YouTube streaming and HTML5 browser support
    • Miracast screen sharing using Wi-Fi direct
  • In-Dash Systems
    • Navigation software (AGPS and SUPL)
    • Car audio solutions
    • Bluetooth hands-free call support using high quality speech codecs
    • Music playback with extended audio formats and codecs
    • User Interface and HMI
    • MirrorLink client for reduced driver distraction and assistance
    • CAN connectivity: AC and audio player controls from car steering
Multimedia Services
  • Graphics, Camera, Audio, Video component porting and Stabilization
  • HAL Adaptation: Camera and Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
  • Codec, Parser, DRM integration
  • App development and integration
  • Benchmarking and Optimization
  • Pre-certification Services
  • System, performance and interoperability testing
Connectivity Services
  • Bluetooth integration, validation and maintenance – upto BT 4.0 , BLE
  • Wi-Fi standards and extensions (802.11x), Wi-Fi Direct, MAC SW, SoftAP, Security (WEP, WPA and WPA2)
  • NFC stack development, integration, validation, maintenance and IP licensing
  • Smart Phone Connectivity - CarPlay (iAP2 stack integration), Android Auto integration, Enabling Smart Device Link, MirrorLink  & Miracast, Media Transfer Protocol, DLNA
  • GPS – driver, app, stack development (AGPS and SUPL); e911 and FT
  • LTE/3G (VoLTE, ePDG, SVLTE)– antenna design, stack, modem integration, conformance and RF testing, automation
  • V2X - App Development using 802.11p, ADAS Fusion, Vision based ADAS
Validation Services
  • Unit and Integration testing
  • System functionality and Sanity testing
  • Performance testing: AV quality, CAN message latency, UI Responsiveness
  • Certification testing: iPod, DivX, Dolby, BD, BT, DLN
  • Stress and Reliability testing: long duration, max load tests
  • Automation testing
  • Field testing
  • Tools: Vector CANalyser, CANoe, OptoLyser, Apple ATS, MISRA, AutoSpice
Platform Services

Hardware Platforms

  • Texas Instruments - J4, J5, J6
  • Renesas - R Car H2
  • Intel - Atom 38xx, Gordon Ridge MRB based on Apollo Lake SoC
  • Qualcomm - 820A, 602A
  • NXP - i.MX6

Software Platforms

  • AGL
  • Android
  • QNX

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