The proliferation of computing and connectivity module make today's car vastly different from those made a few years back. The car is seen as a networked entity that provides a host of safety, convenience and entertainment needs to the driver and passengers. Various technological advancements are changing the way users perceive their in-car entertainment systems from being a passive device to being an interactive infotainment device. This in turn poses interesting challenges for the OEMs. The growing complexity of software and hardware platforms available in the market coupled by the need for further expertise is just one of them. These complexities lead to various interoperability issues among a plethora of digital devices available today such as smartphones, personal media players and GPS receivers.

Demands of a changing scenario

The fast changing technological environment and consumer needs has drastically reduced the product lifecycles and it has becomes imperative for the OEMs to bring their products to the market in the least possible time. This needs system integration experts who are capable of building robust products from software components available from multiple suppliers. This also puts pressure on mobilization of engineering resources.

It is clear that in today's world, automotive infotainment firms need competency in multiple domains such as multimedia, connectivity, web technologies, operating systems, user interface design, and platform management.   The key is in identifying those areas that are the core competence of the organization and outsource the rest to those that have specialized knowledge.

The Sasken edge

Sasken has developed its expertise in the video domain and has been able to differentiate itself in the automotive multimedia space. Sasken's multimedia team also has competency in embedded Linux, an increasingly popular platform in automotive systems. However, the key differentiating factor is Sasken’s system integration capability. Sasken understands the whole system and is capable of integrating components from various suppliers to come up with solutions enabling OEMs to get to market faster.

Sasken is truly is a one stop solution for all multimedia and connectivity requirements for the automotive infotainment market. We believe in long term relationships with customers and building solutions from specification to shipping. With over 2000 embedded professionals and over 9000 person years of experience to draw upon, Sasken is set to deliver its vision of being the partner of choice for our customers through superior offerings and operational excellence.

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