Phones & Tablets

At Sasken we understand our customer’s unique R&D needs to enable them to launch best in class smartphone, feature-phone and tablet products. We provide both software and hardware professional services while making sure that our deliverables are of high quality and delivered on-time and on-budget. We work with the world’s leading device manufacturers and have completed numerous projects for mobile phones and tablets.
We specialize in various mobile platforms and technologies, including:

  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Symbian OS
  • Other proprietary embedded systems

Software development

We have experience of building fully integrated solutions for our customers. Our development expertise covers the complete software spectrum. Whether you want to development of communication or socially aware applications, integration or development of multimedia components, base porting or driver development, integration or customization to different platforms we can share with you our expertise and provide professional services.

Hardware development

Sasken provides hardware services for distinctive design, functionality, reliability and manufacturability. Our capabilities cover all critical simulations, design and verification areas that are required in the end-to-end product creation including e.g. RF, antenna, embedded electronics, audio, mechanics, electro-mechanics and PCB design

Operator customizations

We provide services to customize the software to meet operator requirements. Operator requirements are classified by Sasken into two types of categories:

  • Third party applications and components: These are third party applications as mandated by operators. Some of these third party services vertically impact the application framework or operating system. Some examples are device diagnostics, FOTA, OMA Device Management, etc.
  • OEM operator packs: There are various other requirements mandated by the operators which either modify the existing behavior of standard applications or enhance the functionality. These are typically required to be implemented by the OEMs.

Sasken understands the nuances related to various operator requirements and can help with your needs of operator compliance. Our customers can concentrate their R&D efforts on differentiating their phone or tablet products and offload the operator specifics to Sasken.

Systems Engineering

Stability, power management and energy management are key attributes for handhelds. Sasken has a team of system engineering experts who can help meet your system KPI requirements.


There can be no development or integration without robust testing and quality checks. We offer complete handheld test services and test case development for device vendors and operators. Our testing services range from test strategy consulting, test specification development to test execution and reporting.
Sasken provides both software and hardware testing services.

Product Maintenance, Upgrades and Beyond

After a product is developed and shipped in the market, the product needs maintenance to keep end consumers happy with the overall experience. We can maintain your existing products or help create variant devices. For example, Sasken has helped various OEMs shipping Android devices to upgrade the Android version on their already shipping products.

Full product creation

Sasken’s comprehensive range of services in both software and hardware R&D enables us to provide complete product development services. We cover all lifecycle stages of the product development to provide a spec-to-product service.

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