Wearables & IoT



Wearables and Internet of Things

Smart Stores & Bricstream Analytics:

Understand in-store customer behavior the way you do for eCommerce. Sasken enables integration with multiple sources of store data and sensors to provide consumer behavioral analytics, visualization and insights.


Improve customer experience, fitness and personal safety using wearable technology. Sasken provides system integration services, hardware, and software to integrate wearable technology into garments, enabling new customer experiences and use cases such as wellness monitoring and location tracking.


Improve customer engagement with contextualized micro-location-based applications. Sasken‘s iBeacon micro-location framework offers customer identification and engagement tools.

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Merchandise Visibility and Omni-Channel Customer Experience:

Get 99% or higher inventory visibility for improved sales and enabling omni-channel customer experiences Sasken provides end-to-end RFID-based merchandise visibility solutions. Accurate inventory helps to improve sales, increase margins and enable omni-channel use cases such as buy online pickup from store and fulfill from store.

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Consumer apps and employee mobility

Leverage mobility to integrate channels, enhance customer experiences & employee efficiencies Sasken provides end to end enterprise mobility development | Consulting, UX, Implementation, Integration & Deployment

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Analytics & Vizualization


Infra Automation

Analytics & Vizualization

Customer Analytics

Understand consumer needs, personalize and win with Customer analytics, Customer Segmentation, Targeted Marketing & Personalized recommendations.

Merchandizing Analytics

Improve sales & optimize cost with assortment & allocation analytics, promotion optimization & demand forecasting.

Data Discovery and Visualization

Find insights and intuitions using data discovery and visualization services

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Mobile testing

Mobile app and mobile site on demand testing on devices in the cloud

Performance Testing

Prepare for end of season or Black Friday Sale seasons with load and performance testing of web and mobile apps.


Improve efficiencies using testing automation

Testing Case Study

Infra Automation

Sasken’s Infrastructure Automation Solution helps reduce eyeball monitoring and alert analysis of your IT infrastructure which helps bring down IT support costs and helps with higher system uptime.

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