Satellite Communication


While the world has made many firsts with satellites, handheld terminals have evolved from being chunky and laptop-sized to becoming sleek and smart devices. These devices are not exclusive to governments, marines, and emergency services anymore but are available to the casual user for business or safety purposes. The wide acceptance of smartphones, dramatic improvements in user experience and access to large app stores have significantly influenced the design and development of satellite terminals that include advanced features such as hotspot.

Client challenges

The satellite communication industry is moving from smaller data to higher data and adding alternatives like fixed data to mobility based data. Unlike terrestrial handsets, satellite phones cater to a niche and exclusive market. With low demand volumes, semiconductor companies and terrestrial networks do not invest heavily in satellite communication. Some of the other challenges include working on technology for handsets that provide more data rate at low bandwidth and low latency. Another challenge that satellite communication terminal manufacturers are grappling with is expecting the device to have a rugged lifespan of four to six years with less cost of service and advanced power management to provide a long battery life.

What we provide

Sasken complements satellite terminal and network manufacturers by bringing the critical know-how required to offer significantly evolved user experience and support of functionality relevant to several business processes.
Sasken offers its solutions and expertise in the end-to-end development of satellite phones and network software solutions in the following areas:

  • Wireless protocol stack development and Enhancement services
  • Re-vector 3GPP based protocol stack to satcom, public safety and railways telecom standards
  • Protocol stack porting, power and memory optimisation, integration and all phases of testing services
  • HW design, Antenna design, ID & Mechanics, PWB, Component selection and production support
  • Maintenance and customer support for both software and hardware services


Sasken offers rich services in:

  • Applications: Design and development, Testing of Mobile applications, Enterprise applications, Control Room applications. Applications are built for devices, network nodes, servers and cloud
  • Middleware: Sasken Application Framework with features of SMS, Dialer, Contacts, SMS to email, eCompass, Supplementary services applications for satellite handheld phones, and cross platform abstraction layer to support different OS. Android OS services include terminal development with Android framework, porting from one platform to another and upgrading from one version to another.
  • Simulators: Wider depth of experience in Design and Development of UE simulators, Network Simulators, Load Test Simulators, End to End test simulators
  • Digital IT Services: Application and Data Services, Data and Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Quality Assurance

Business value delivered

Sasken has been engaged with an industry leader in mobile satellite communications for over 15 years. Sasken has developed two end-to-end satellite phones complying with GMR2+ specifications for the customer. Right from Antenna, radio front-end, baseband, base support package, protocols to Mechanics and PCB layout design, we have built state-of-the-art satellite phones with low memory footprint modem and application framework, long battery life in competition as well as low cost ruggedized stable design with IP54, IP65 and IK04 ratings. We have also enabled the phones with faster attach-to-network as well as developed features such as SMS-to-email, location tracking, SOS assistance, and eCompass.

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