Service Providers

Service Providers are faced with the challenges of reducing cost, increasing ARPU and improving ROI. Today, technology and customer preferences dominate, and Operators have to ensure the efficient delivery of services. Sasken offers a range of comprehensive services and solutions to address these requirements of Operators. Our solutions are designed to help to meet the Operators’ market needs, by addressing the requirements at the technology and service delivery end.

Sasken’s Suite of Services

  • Handset and application testing services
  • High-End Consultation, development and customization Services
  • Network engineering services

Handset and Application Testing Services

Sasken’s expertise ranges across wireless technologies, hardware platforms and multiple Operating Systems. Sasken understands various components of a mobile handset platform and their interplay. Sasken has worked with more than 25 customers for executing multiple testing projects. These projects include wireless handset testing and testing of various network components. The extensive testing experience gained during these customer projects puts Sasken in a unique position to offer its customers a complete testing service including defining the test strategy, setting up of test set-up and execution.

  • Expertise in all wireless technologies- network and handheld
  • TDMA, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, IS95, 802.11b
  • Expertise in multiple handset Operating systems
  • Intel Strong ARM: Design & development of Home/SOHO/SME Internet Appliance product, 3G/2,5G wireless stack and Baseband controller,
  • ARM: Dual ARM board for MPEG4 (SP) Codec, Controller for HDTV sub system (video)
  • ADI DSP: ADSL modem design and other wireless integration work TI DSP (C54x, C55x, C64x) & OMAP platform: Multimedia Codecs & applications
  • NXP Trimedia: IC Design Validation, Board Design, Software Development experience in Board Support Package(BSP), Device Drivers, Media Processing(MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV9, WMA9, AAC), Protocols(TCP/IP, MTP, PTP, USB, WiFi), System Integration and Testing. Ability to create an complete Automotive, Consumer Electronic or Multimedia product based on Trimedia.
  • SHARC DSP: Porting & optimization of range of MPEG series codecs

High-End Consultation, Development and Customization Services

Sasken, with its rich wireless experience, offers High-End Consultancy services in the area of newly emerging wireless technologies such as Seamless Mobility and Fixed Mobile Convergence.

Network Engineering Services

  • Network Planning
    • RF Planning
    • Microwave Planning
    • Site Planning
  • Network Deployment
    • Redeployment
    • In Building Solutions
  • Support Services
    • Network Optimization

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