Device and Platform Testing

Smart Devices and Wearables

Device and Platform Testing

Venkatram Reddy Aurva

Subject Matter Expert

As a specialist in technology compliance and productization, Sasken offers life cycle testing, automation, standard conformance, system testing, field testing, test and validation and certification testing, IP/IK testing and antenna certification.

  • Sanity, Smoke and Regression Testing
  • Hardware-Baseband, RF Testing, Antenna-Test, Type Approvals Tests, Audio and Camera Testing
  • System and Integration Testing
  • 3rd Party App, Hosted Services Testing
  • Stability (MTBF), KPI, Power, Performance and Memory Testing
  • Compliance (CTS, GMS, GTS), Pre-Cert and Monkey Testing
  • FT, Modem IOT, Operator Lab Acceptance and Live Network Testing
  • Connectivity Driver Testing
  • SATS (in-house) Automation

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