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Sasken’s Bluetooth over NFC – a tap is all you need

A device is only as great as what it allows you to do. Magazines, emails and newspapers bombard us with devicegreatness stories every day. Because it lets you do a lot more, right? So what is a ‘lot more’? And who makes a ‘lot more’?

We do. We contribute to the Greatness.

Sasken provides the world’s current most successful device the ‘Bluetooth over NFC’ capability. It in fact, sets the device apart from most other devices in the market today. This capability is what numerous market researchers predict will put a major handset player back in the winning. 

People today do use Bluetooth headsets with mobile phones, although they are not the majority. It is most often seen on people who are constantly on the move, people who spend a major chunk of their time driving or riding.

The rest might not. Why?

  • Pairing my device each time is a hassle and a distraction
  • The moment I step out of the car, I lose the connection
  • My Bluetooth uses up too much battery

This is all going to change. Sasken’s NFC IP will allow you to connect your Bluetooth headset to your device, just by a ‘tap’. No more battery draining issues and no more interruptions!

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