eCommerce Reusable Automation Testing Solution

Author: Apurba Biswas, Business Development Manager


Digitally savvy consumers and the rise in internet usage have been the driving force responsible for the phenomenal growth in eCommerce over the years. To keep up with this trend, retailers, banking and financial services (BFS) organizations, and telecom companies have set up high quality eCommerce portals to help their businesses grow. In order to retain and expand their online customer base, these industry players need to consistently improve and update their applications. This places an increased focus on testing so as to ensure that the applications exceed consumer expectations with respect to design, usability, speed, security and experience. Sasken’s eCommerce Reusable Automation Testing Solution (eRATS) automates testing of eCommerce applications. A part of our test automation solution for eCommerce, eRATS is a unique framework that offers comprehensive and accelerated testing. It helps reduce time to market and meet changing customer demands quickly. Click here to read the full paper

Apurba Biswas

Business Development Manager