M2M Overview

The talking machines revolution

M2M is ushering in a revolution that promises to transform the way businesses and government manage assets and deliver benefits of efficiency, safety, health and convenience to society at large.

Sasken is excited to participate in this future where billions of connected machines talk to each other and provide unprecedented insights and control to businesses and people.
The applications are endless from remote monitoring of industrial equipment to smart grids, from home monitoring to patient monitoring.

Sasken M2M Offerings

At Sasken we understand that it takes more than technology innovation to unlock the promised value of m2m for enterprises. Sasken M2M offerings provide the right mix of domain expertise, solution accelerators, ecosystem partnerships and technology to simplify the m2m value chain for enterprises.
Sasken offering includes

  • Consulting to help define the required metrics on the performance of enterprise systems including key performance indicators, optimization of work processes, and opportunities for operational integration
  • Customized technology solution leveraging
    • Carrier & M2M ecosystem partnerships
    • ConnectM applications and business enablement framework that is commercially deployed in manufacturing, building management, telecom, utility & construction verticals
    • Intuitive and easy to use Mobility and Web user interface
    • Seamless integration with enterprise back office
    • Customized business intelligence, analytics & visualization
  • Managed Services

Industrial monitoring and control

Sasken provides remote asset management solutions for optimizing equipment efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The remote monitoring and diagnostic solution from Sasken is designed to gather performance parameter data from the assets on the field. The Solution is designed to enable companies to increase machine efficiency and reliability, eliminate unscheduled downtime, reduce overall operation and maintenance costs, optimize energy cost, increase time between machinery overhauls, increase personnel safety thereby helping improve profitability

Energy Management Solutions

Buildings account for 40% of total energy consumed in US. ENERGY STAR estimates that up to 30% of this energy is used inefficiently. Energy solutions applying latest analytics and smart sensor technologies can make buildings greener and more energy efficient.

Sasken energy solutions use these technologies to help in improving energy efficiency and provide automation for commercial buildings. Benefits include:

  • Sophisticated occupancy based energy optimization solution delivering significant energy savings
  • Seamless integration of different energy consuming assets, control systems and BMS
  • Building monitoring and control on the web and mobile devices
  • On-demand access to HVAC, electrical and mechanical equipment for instant, remote diagnostics
  • Energy analytics and reporting to enable energy saving decision making

Transportation and Logistics

Fleet management and tracking of high value assets have been the major application areas of M2M. The industry is increasingly deploying these technologies to monitor all kinds of assets and conditions like temperature, shock etc during transport to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Sasken provides fleet and logistics solutions that cater to these evolving needs of the transport and logistics industry. Benefits include

  • Continuous real time updates, geo fencing, SMS & email alerts
  • Transparency of operations
  • Driver Behavior monitoring
  • Fuel Consumption Management
  • Seamless integration to supply chain software

For more details please write to marketing@sasken.com