Modem Software Solutions

Sasken’s Modem Software Solutions services enable its customers to beat the time-to-market pressures for any new product introduction. Our services also help customers increase product market share through continuous development and help align their costs to the reducing margins.

Sasken specializes in Wireless protocol stacks, cable modem protocol stacks and satellite modem protocol stacks. We provide pre-integrated 3GPP wireless protocol stacks, services in development, platform integration, field readiness, maintenance and support of wireless and cable modem protocol from Layer 1 software to application interface.

Sasken’s Modem Software Solutions also provide

  • Pre-Integrated 3GPP Protocol stacks – GSM/EDGE and WCDMA
  • Wireless and cable modem protocol stack development services
  • Re-vector Protocol Stack to support different (but related) telecom standards
  • Protocol stack porting, integration and testing services
  • Maintenance and customer support
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 support provided for modem software.

Why Sasken is your best option

Here is what is unique about Sasken’s Modem Software Solutions:

  • Over 10 years of experience in building protocol stack IP and taking it onto various chipsets and architectures.
  • Experience in providing solutions from architecture to phone launch in several markets worldwide
  • Development and maintenance of wireless protocol stack software with Top 5 baseband solution providers
  • Active Participation in 3GPP forum
  • Housing a large team of protocol software experts
  • Sasken in-house IP and development tools help ramp-up people on “real” Protocol Stack development environment
  • Sasken Test Labs - a GCF accredited test lab keeps us on the cutting edge of protocol stack validation

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