Combining state-of-the-art IVI systems, Telematics, and ADAS to drive innovation in the connected car

The Automotive industry is changing rapidly with consumers expecting a greater range of connected in-vehicle services. Consumers are demanding better sensory feedback, real-time information access and superior entertainment capabilities.

Convergence of technology has led automakers to look beyond simplistic in-dash music players. Today’s consumers not only expect a sophisticated automotive infotainment system that allows them to stay connected but also ensure a safe commute.

Driving experience is the most important criterion that defines the growth of the automotive industry today. If the car breaks down on the highway, the car must be able to assess the problem and set up an emergency call. At the same time the driver experience behind the wheel must be safer, more personalized and more responsive than ever before.

Thus, enhanced driving demands are compelling an industry-wide shift towards flexible solutions that are capable of supporting the consumer’s ever-connected lifestyle. Sasken delivers driver friendly software solutions in shorter time.

Platform Development Expertise
In-Vehicle Infotainment

Our Rear Seat Entertainment and in-dash systems feature a variety of multimedia and connectivity options with enhanced content playback


We provide exceptional software services for Telematics based products with expertise in the latest LTE technologies

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Build and customize ready-to-market solutions with our rich experience in infotainment, connectivity and navigation

Application Development

We provide P2D transformation services that allow the digital mapping of the connected car

Platform Development

We have proven experience in authoring different kinds of drivers, bringing up boards, and debugging hardware or software issues

Business Impact

RSE system for Japanese tier-1 integrated in 500K+ car units sold by OEM
Expedited product launch for North American OEM by three months
Enabled North American Tier-1 meet their customer requirements
Developed European Tier-1’s India center as the CoE for connectivity
Enabled Japanese tier-1 launch IVI solution 20% ahead of schedule