Public Safety

Public Safety

Delivering critical know-how required for significantly evolved user experience and functionality support  

Public Safety has begun a transition to an era of mission critical mobile intelligence. This mandates the need not only for smart solutions that capture, analyze and act on an exponentially expanding amount of data but also to ensure they are reliable, stable and easily accessible on demand. The demand for higher bandwidth is driving the adoption of LTE in public safety.

The wide acceptance of smartphones, dramatic improvements in user experience and access to large app ecosystems have significantly influenced the design and development of PMR terminals that include smartphone features.

Terminal Design and Development

We have the critical know-how required to offer significantly smaller form factor, state-of-the-art antenna design and evolved user experience

Embedded Software Development

Middleware development, bearers/protocol stack porting and optimization

Protocol Stack Development

Protocol stack porting, power and memory optimization, revector of 3GPP based protocol stack

Simulators Design and Development

Design and development of UE simulators along with network and end-to-end load test simulators

Enterprise Network Applications Development

Expertise across application development on handheld devices, desktop applications, server applications, and enterprise based architecture

Device and Platform Testing

Specialized and independent testing services to address the testing requirements of devices with varying form factors

Business Impact

Development of a professional mobile radio user terminal of 350 MHz band for leading European public safety device manufacturer
New platform development and framework enhancements, dispatcher application and provisioning tools development for European Tier-1 public safety OEM
Adaptation of GSM to GMR2+ technology and development of end-to-end satellite handheld device
Simulation of LTE adaptation to LTE over Satellite for Tier-1 satellite communication operator
LTE Wi-Fi hotspot design and development for Tier-1 Indian operator
Complete Android development, migration and commercialization enabled by Sasken on multiple OEM rugged devices
Launched first Android rugged device in US market with multimode modem support
OS/BSP device driver porting, stability test, software compatibility and CETK logo testing for rugged fixed mount computer