Providing a competitive edge with expertise in analysis of data, creating insights and physical to digital  

The adoption of IoT and advancement in M2M communication are driving the industrial control and factory automation market. The need for optimal use of resources, waste reduction, increase in process efficiency, and adoption of new policy reforms (safety and quality) by emerging economies are also fueling growth. Sasken has an unrivalled understanding of the entire space from semiconductor platforms and hardware to wireless standards, multimedia, connectivity and testing services that uniquely position us to support our automation customers.

Smart systems, data, and connectivity also have a role to play in enabling automation that touches our lives daily. Sasken helps businesses get a competitive edge with its expertise in analysis of data collected and insights from field devices. Sasken provides physical to digital services, engineering, testing services, mobility and data analytics services.



  • Sensors and Field Devices
    • Microcontroller hardware and real time design
    • Embedded systems, DSP,  connectivity and provisioning middleware
    • Security
  • Field Connectivity
    • ZigBee, WLAN, BLE Mesh, Z-wave networking
    • IP gateway
    • Profiles for home and filed networking
    • Provisioning and security middleware
    • Rule based engines
  • Automation Mobility
    • GUI framework for reporting and visualization
    • Adapter framework for SACDA and HMI
    • Xamarin, Ionic, native application, Windows and Java programming
  • Data Analytics
    • Azure, AWS applications
    • Analytic algorithms
    • Predictive maintenance framework
Connected Enterprise Mobility

Leveraging deep domain knowledge to develop mobility applications for the oil and gas industry

Facility Automation

Expertise in facility modules, multi-framework home gateways and connectivity

Industry 4.0

Accelerating the digital industrial revolution across security, connectivity, data analytics and mobility

Digital Enablement Apps

We develop digital enablement apps using frameworks like WPF, Xamarin, Node.js and Angular.JS

Predictive Maintenance

We build solutions that help to detect and notify against indicators for industrial equipment and sensors, using machine learning