Board Support Packages

Sasken has over two decades of deep expertise in the area of embedded systems. We offer this expertise as platform enabler services to various semiconductors, handset, and device OEMs. Sasken has marquee tier-1 customers in this area with very long standing relationships.

As a part of this offering, Sasken provides:

  • Development of new BSP (Board Support Package)
  • BSP Migration – To new OS / newer OS versions
  • BSP Migration – To newer platform versions
  • Customization & Validation of existing BSP
  • Device driver development and testing

Besides the above listed services, Sasken provides software services in the following areas:

  • Device Driver development, optimization & testing
    • IO interconnect: UART, McBSP, PCMCIA, BT, SDIO
    • Storage: NAND, NOR, OneNAND, SD/MMC, CompactFlash
    • Multimedia: Audio, LCD, Camera
    • Networking: GPS, Ethernet, WLAN
    • Peripherals: Supported by SPI, I2C, McBSP, USB, UART, SD
    • Bridge: Bridge drivers for OS, baseband processor, DSP
    • System: Keypad, IR, GPIO, Clock, RTC, SIM, DMA, Interrupt controller, Memory controller, Mailbox, Timer

BSP development and migration for the following operating System

  • Android / Linux
  • WinMobile / Windows CE
  • RTOS - Nucleus, ThreadX, RTEMS, etc
  • Operating Systems

OEM Adaptation Layer - OAL is the layer that logically resides between RTOS & the hardware of the target device. Sasken helps customer to develop these adaptation layers for their hardware platforms.

Bootloader implementation and customization

Why Sasken is your best option

  • Extensive experience  of over two decades
  • Based on the requirement Sasken can offer a turnkey solution or specific solution
  • End to end solution provider with expertise on hardware, base enables, middleware and applications
  • Experience in most of the ARM based SoC

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