Connectivity Services

Sasken’s connectivity services provide turnkey connectivity solutions that are reliable, scalable, leading-edge and designed to meet your real-time needs. Sasken provides services to add, upgrade or replace the connectivity components of a platform/design. Our offering is designed to strengthen the connectivity features of customer solutions in a short time without affecting other feature evolution.
We are known to offer world class know-how in connectivity services:

  • Component development/enhancement
  • Platform integration
  • Testing and validation
  • Application development
  • Connectivity combo chip driver/middleware development and integration

Why Sasken is your best option

Here is what Sasken has to offer you:

  • Over 1,000 person months of experience on connectivity technologies
  • Expertise on various semiconductor platforms targeted at many different markets
  • Expertise across all major technologies and across all project stages
  • Expertise in emerging technologies like NFC and Bluetooth low energy
  • Expertise in setting up and operating connectivity testing labs – we have set up 3 test labs in India.
  • Product experience in various protocol stacks
  • In-house testing tool and infrastructure for protocol stack modules

Apart from mobile handset devices, we also have the expertise to add connectivity to devices targeted at consumer electronics, automotive and health sectors by combining our connectivity offerings with other offerings focused on these sectors.

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