The rise of objects that connect themselves to the internet – from cars to heart monitors to stoplights – is unleashing a wave of new possibilities for data gathering, predictive analytics, and IT automation. We are entering the post-PC era, which will be defined by Internet of Things and Digitalization. Over the next decade, the physical world will become increasingly connected with sensors that gather data and report behavior, allowing for real-time optimization. At Sasken, we bring in rich experience on IoT by end-to-end testing solutions right from Device Sensors, RF, Router to back-end IoT platforms.

Our rich experience across platforms, sensors, protocol, connectivity, the back end infrastructure testing and technology is key differentiators in the digital world.

Core Technology Specialization

  • Integration & validation WLAN, Zigbee Solutions
  • Testing of Energy Management solutions
  • Hosting & management
  • NOC managed services
  • Device Provisioning implementation & Testing
  • Platform services
  • Business Intelligence services
  • Testing of Security, Device Sensingand monitoring
  • Remote Testing & Monitoring
  • RF Testing
  • Regulatory Testing

Devices & Appliances

  • RF testing
  • Antenna testing
  • WiFi/ BT/ Zigbee/ LoWPAN testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Embedded functionality testing
  • Power & Performance testing
  • Conformance Testing
  • Field testing
  • Certification testing

Gateway & Aggregators

  • Interoperability Testing
  • Network testing
  • Load testing
  • Multi-device synchronized testing

Application & Service Testing

  • Heat map based testing
  • Online group detection & Analytics
  • Testing In-Store Behavior Intelligence
  • Multi Sensor user tracking
  • WiFi finger-printing
  • Wearable eye devices
  • Physical analytics
  • Testing smartphone with sensors
  • Sensor driven telematics

Success Track Record

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Building Energy Management For Enterprises

Video Analytics Based Parking Solution

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