NFC Firmware

Sasken’s Near Field Communication (NFC) Firmware is designed for Semiconductor customers who want to create NFC enabled chipsets and need a standard compliant, highly versatile and efficient off-the-shelf software. We ensure that our customers continuously have a compelling total offering for their end customers, with low total cost of ownership. We achieve this through Sasken’s extensive engagement with the NFC ecosystem and NFC Forum, efficient use of a global engineering force and distinct, product lifecycle oriented business model.

Sasken NFC Firmware adheres to ISO 18092, ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 standards, and Mode switch with support for all NFC Forum tag types. In addition both the secure element protocols, single wire protocol (SWP) as well as NFC-WI, are supported. For upper layers of the protocol stack an ETSI HCI compatible interface is provided, at which level the NFC Firmware meets the minimum level of operability requirements set by NFC forum.

In addition the Firmware is designed to be used in multiple environments from transceiver to System-on-Chip implementations of NFC. The Firmware is highly configurable to meet the requirement of different environments and ANSI C compatible implementation and extensive set of unit tests improves the portability further. High attention is given to minimize the use of hardware resources considering especially SoC implementations.

At the moment the software is being developed on top of Innovision Research and Technology Ltd.’s hardware IP, and is expected to be completed during the second half of 2008. Sasken’s cooperation with Innovision’s GEM™ hardware IP ensures a uniquely seamless NFC solution. This combined IP and software solution will enable semiconductor companies to develop complete NFC capability, either for stand-alone solutions or as part of System-on-Chip (SoC) integrated NFC solutions within wireless connectivity devices such as Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and UWB.

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