Multimedia Subsystems

The challenge in the space of smart phone technology lies in creating world class and compelling multimedia and messaging solutions on an Application Processor/OpenOS environment. With Silicon architecture and OS designs becoming more powerful the need of the hour is to create application environments and applications that:

  • Leverage the horse power
  • Enrich user experience
  • Provide faster time to market

Sasken’s years of experience coupled with a rich pedigree of working on DSP–centric technologies in leading edge markets for Multimedia places Sasken as a partner of choice when it comes to building Smart Phones.

Sasken’s multimedia application suite is a complete range of compelling multimedia applications and codecs that enable handset manufacturers to bring out sharply differentiated products in a cluttered marketplace.

  • Complete multimedia subsystems for smart phones – from codecs to user-interface
  • Highly optimized, exploiting the full power of the platform
  • Designed for easy integration and requiring minimum customisation
  • Pre-integrated on select platforms, reducing time to market
  • Field proven
  • Available through a single licensing arrangement that includes 3rd party components
  • Backed by comprehensive support from Sasken – from design through launch and beyond

Sasken Multimedia Subsystems are available on Symbian,Windows Mobile and Linux on a rangeof processors, including Texas Instruments OMAP1710, OMAP2420,OMAP2430 and OMAP850 platforms as well as ARM based platforms.


  • Media Browser
    • Including support for MTP
  • Media Capture
    • Video
    • Image
  • Media Player
    • Includes Streaming
    • Video Telephony
    • Voice over IP
  • DRM Support
    • OMA 2.0 DRM support
    • Windows Media DRM (Janus)

Key differentiators:

  • Proven on both single and dual-core architectures
  • Optimized hand-written code that provides maximum performance
  • Best-in-class MIPS utilisation
  • Mature subsystems available off the shelf on partner chipsets
  • Sasken pioneered Remote Codec Interface (RCI) architecture that allows
    • Significant re-use and portability of applications across operating systems
    • Abstraction from silicon architectures

Complete multimedia subsystem solutions that meet all your multimedia application requirements enabling faster time to market and backed by comprehensive support from design through launch and beyond.

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