Wireless Modem Services

Sasken’s expertise in Wireless Modem solutions from 1999 has enabled us to provide high quality services with lowest TCO to silicon providers and device manufacturers.

Experience across the product life cycle of wireless modems from requirements identification to deployment is used to provide services in:

  • 3GPP specifications related consultation
  • 3GPP Wireless Protocol Stack and layer 1 development
  • Identification and implementation of 3GPP change requests and feature enhancements
  • Support with integration of Protocol Stack with different hardware platforms and layer 1 solutions
  • Gap analysis and enhancement
  • Performance enhancements and optimization
  • Platform migration
  • Testing in development phases, per-certification, conformance testing and Interoperability Testing
  • Maintenance services and support to customers
  • Offshore or Near-shore Test Lab setup

The success on 3GPP protocol stack and Layer 1 control development helps us to take these best practices for architecting and developing Protocol Stacks of other related communication systems covering Satellite Communication, Air Traffic Management Systems and Broadband Modems.

For more details please write to marketing@sasken.com