Project Management Lessons in Outsourced Product Development


By Dr V Sridhar and Anees Haidary, PMP
Dr V Sridhar is Professor, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore Anees Haidary is Senior Manager, Business Excellence, Sasken Communication Technologies, Bangalore


Ramping up operations to meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving engagement from an offshore location has its own challenges. A product development team at Sasken Communication Technologies that is working for a leading UK-based digital radio communication systems and applications firm has learned several project management lessons through such an engagement. It all started in April 2011 as an evaluative exercise with a one-member team, co-located at the client site. Today, the engagement has scaled up to an Offshore Development Center (ODC) with about 35 engineers located at the premises of Sasken Communication Technologies in Bangalore. The team designs, develops, and tests TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (TETRA), a standard developed to meet the needs of professional mobile radio products. One-third of the client’s new product development work in this area is handled through this ODC. Click here to read the full paper:

  Dr V Sridhar & Anees Haidary