Data and Analytics Services

Sasken’s Data group is focused on the emerging areas of Data Discovery and Advanced Analytics. Our Data Discovery offering enables business users to discover meaningful insights from existing data assets in a visual and agile fashion. We believe that this is the right middle path between fully controlled Business Intelligence (BI) that is completely governed by IT and fully uncontrolled BI or ad-hoc business slicing-and-dicing in Excel. Our Analytics offering brings to bear a variety of advanced predictive analytics techniques, enabling businesses to derive actionable insights from historical data that directly contribute to revenues and profitability. Given our rich devices experience, we are also focused on machine generated data and related analytics use cases.


The Sasken Way

  • Monolithic, single, general purpose data store implementations will be replaced by Polyglot, right-fit databases
  • Functional databases (data stores which address a particular business problem for an industry) will emerge