Advanced Analytics

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics are considered as very important sectors in analytics. Data systems are expected to churn out the next course of action with 100% accuracy. And analytics is going to further the way in this direction. Machine learning algorithms paired with statistical sciences help our customers answer key questions about the future sitting in the present. Sasken has been helping telecom operators predict the usage of subscribers for the next few months to better assess their bandwidth. Our data scientists bring a unique blend of mathematics, statistics, business domain, visualization and big data/analytical programming skills to solve some of the tougher questions that are being asked by businesses today.

We invest heavily in Text Mining, Social Network Analysis, Predictive Modelling, and Geo-Spatial Analysis to help our customers give a 360-degree view of the future.

Services we offer

Sasken Advantage

  • Fit for Purpose
    • A right fit solution that meets all business objectives without over engineering
    • Easily scale up
    • Technology follows the analytics solution
  • Maximise Outcome
    • Proposes next best action instead of stopping at forecasts
  • Self-Correcting
    • Analycal model that gets better with time
  • Agile
    • Built in instrumentation to measure model accuracy
    • Regular upgrades to improve accuracy
    • Faster time-to-market

Ask our Expert

Jagadish Iyengar