Data Discovery

As we move from the field of descriptive analytics to a more self-service driven BI methodology, business users are always on the lookout for more control while doing an analysis. The trend has changed gears from waiting around for days to get a report to wanting instant visual answers. In the visual Data Discovery space, Sasken’s data engineers are trained in Tableau and Qlik. They are helping customers unearth insights from data, instead of just looking at static reports. They are helping them extract and mine actionable information from self-service BI tools.

Sasken Offerings

  • Location
    • Store Triangulation Analytics
    • In-Venue Counter Analytics
    • Demographics Analytics
    • Seasonal Impact Analytics
    • Shopping Cart Analytics
    • Store Cluster Analytics
    • Shrinkage Analytics
    • Vicinity Analytics
  • Product
    • Product Performance Analytics
    • Brand Perception Analytics
    • Product Sentiment Analytics
    • Item Assortment Analytics
    • Price Optimization Analytics
    • Market Share Analytics
    • Product Cannibalization Analytics
    • Brand Migration Analytics
  • Support
    • Product Return Analytics
    • Onboarding Analytics
    • Feedback Sentiment Analytics
    • Fraud/Loss Prevention Analytics
    • ‘Hopping Legs’ Analytics
  • Merchandizing
    • Planogram Analytics
    • Return on Space Analytics
    • Window Display Analytics
    • Promotional Analytics
    • Sense Analytics
    • In-Store Interiors Analytics
    • Stock Availability Analytics

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