Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

In the analytics space, descriptive analytics is an equally important sector along with predictive analytics. Standard MIS reports have to be churned out every month. In order to make daily sales reports available to managers, daily batch jobs have to be initiated. In the data warehousing (DW) and business intelligence (BI) space, Sasken’s mission is to take BI to the masses. Whether it is in terms of agile integration or reporting, Sasken is continuously working on finding new ways of improving the cycle time to deliver BI projects faster. We have institutionalized data models, KPI catalogues, reusable data loading programs, ETL (extract, transform and load) best practices and performance tuning experts.

We are also preparing traditional data architects to leap forward into Big Data for migration projects.

Sasken’s Expertise

Sasken’s Expertise

Sasken Offerings

Data warehouse Implementations
  • Building large scale data warehouses in MS BI technologies
  • Building geo-spatial data warehouses in open source technologies (PostGIS)
  • Architecting agile data warehouses.
  • Data modeling assessments
  • Database performance assessments and performance tuning
  • BI, reporting and dashboarding
  • Implementing departmental dashboards
  • Running executive workshops for performance management dashboarding

Skills We Work On

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