Quality Assurance Services


Sasken’s Quality Assurance services are based on industry best practices and delivered by experts who have highly specialized skill sets. Sasken offers Quality Assurance Services in IT Services and Application testing space. Sasken’s well established TCoE (Testing Center of Excellence), partnership with leading ecosystem players, and knowledge honed by serving customers across the entire communications value chain makes Sasken a trusted partner in providing specialized and independent testing services. Sasken’s test solutions and offerings have maximized ROI and enhanced user experience for various customers. Continuous Integration and Application Automation Solution from Sasken addresses your comprehensive digital testing needs.

Services we offer

Test Automation

  • Fully Customizable end-to-end Automation framework running on DevOps to perform Web, Mobile, UI, Performance Analysis, Data Analytics and Security (OWASP Top 10 Guidelines) Testing
  • Integrated Development Environment enabling compatibility testing of multiple browsers/mobile devices, multiple versions of browser/devices, and browsers/devices running on different operating systems
  • Capable of Testing Cloud based Application and Services
  • Speed up the execution of a test pass by using multiple machines to run tests in parallel
  • Reducing manual effort of Test Reporting by automatically determining and updating the test document with pass or fail status post execution
  • Automation approach to draw maximum benefit with minimum effort
  • Zero Scripting and technical knowledge for Customer Execution


Performance Analysis

  • Customizable Automation Framework to determine Application and System Performance providing Performance Metrics
  • Integrated solution to run in sequence after the completion of Functional Automation Testing


Data Analytics (ETL/BI)

  • Customizable Automation Framework to do Data Analytics Testing such as ETL and BI to generate Analytics report based on customer requirement
  • Integrated solution to run in sequence after the completion of Functional Automation Testing


Security Assessment

  • Customizable Automation Framework to do Security Assessment of the OWASP top 10 guidelines and perform validation of customer specific Security Requirement
  • Integrated solution to run in sequence after the completion of Functional Automation Testing

Sasken Advantage

With proven track record of test execution combined with highly experienced testing experts providing innovative solutions like customizable test automation framework, best-in-class test process and practices and complete end-to-end testing solutions makes Sasken one of the industry’s leading test service providers. Sasken provides testing and automation services across the life-cycle of digital media product development and delivery. Thus our comprehensive test automation strategy enhances application’s user experience and achieves end customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

Our proven Quality Assurance and engineering processes have got us a very loyal customer base over the past decade. Our remote infrastructure set-up reduces client infrastructure and maintenance costs, increasing capacity utilization, leveraging time-zone difference advantage, and maximizing RoI for our clients. Sasken enables its clients achieve higher RoI with:

  • 80% Automation Coverage
  • 90% reduction in Manual Effort
  • 0% effort Release Management, Scripting and Reporting