Network Intelligence

Enabling and Monetizing Network Intelligence through DPI

Worldwide demand for Mobile broadband is growing at an exponential rate and technologies like LTE have enabled service providers to cater to this demand. Since multimedia and data content flowing in the network has increased, service provider’s network can no longer be just a pipe, but has to evolve into an “Intelligent network”. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is the simplest way of adding the intelligence into a network
Enabling network intelligence would need a deep understanding of DPI engines and integration of these engines onto NEM equipment’s and operators networks. This can be monetized by developing applications that use DPI engines ability to extract metadata. These applications measure, analyze, compare, decide and acts to create value for the service providers

Sasken has partnered with “Qosmos”, one of the world’s leading DPI engine providers and is a certified “Qosmos Expert Developer”. Sasken is specialized in developing Bandwidth aware, Network intelligent applications over Qosmos DPI engine that provides invaluable insight to service providers which can enable them to improve their ARPU and also ensure the QoE of their end customers. Sasken Network Intelligence services are of tremendous value to NEMs who have deployed network elements in an operator’s network.

Sasken offers DPI application development in the areas of Bandwidth/Policy Management, Network Security and  Web based policy control “Powering Mobile Broadband” is another indicator of Sasken’s commitment to continued development and delivery of market leading software solutions. Sasken has always kept and continues to keep the requirements of their customers at the forefront of technology development. Sasken’s LTE & DPI expertise and intellectual offerings are specifically designed to address the challenging needs in an increasingly competitive market to maximize the potential return on investment. .

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