Welcome to the 5G Age

Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit | October 17, 2017 Hung Hom Ballroom, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong | 5:30pm - 8:30pm

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Sasken has been at the helm of enabling technology that touches and betters lives. Over the past two and a half decades, we have enabled our customers to build cutting-edge solutions that have been breakthroughs in their markets. We are working with leaders in the IoT ecosystem to enable cognitive technologies that help define the world of tomorrow in areas such as car, home, wearables and devices, industrials, and retail. Our range of innovative IoT solutions, for various industries, is developed with deep customer insights and offers customers quick development and deployment of their solutions at competitive costs and optimized asset utilization.

Sasken will be attending the Qualcomm 4G/5G summit and exhibiting at Hung Hom Ballroom, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong on Tuesday, October 17 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm local time. Write to us to know more.


At the event, Sasken will be showcasing its extensive expertise in the following areas

Smart Home

5G Network

Strengthening 5G Vision at the Network Edge


Sasken’s work in 5G
  • Developing MIMO Management System (MMS) for higher throughput with reliable QoS in harsh channel environments
  • Development of link level simulator based on LTE Advanced Pro ---> 5G
    • PHY Layer - Rel 13 Compliance
    • Channel Simulator - 3GPP Compliance
    • TM Strategies - Open Loop, Closed Loop, Beamforming
    • DL/UL with data/control channel - SCH, CCH
    • Expanding link to Rel 14 Sidelink - V2X
  • Development of stand-alone algorithms for modern wireless communication system
    • Rx algorithms - MIMO detection, Channel decoding
    • Parameter Estimation - Channel estimation, SNR Estimation
    • Higher throughput - Adaptive Modulation and Coding, TM Switching
    • Planned - Interference Cancellation
Smart Devices and Wearables


End-to-end device development

Edge Devices



AI/Machine learning for a Smarter World

Cognitive Solutions
Sasken’s smart automotive solutions
  • Smart Millennial
    • Connected Car after market/ telematics
    • Pro-biking platform
  • Smart IVI
    • IVI Usage Analytics
    • Voice Recognition & NLP
    • Android/ HTML based IVI market place
  • Smart Maintenance
    • A/R based maintenance
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Genuine spare parts
  • Smart Adjacencies
    • Shared economy
    • Fleet Mgmt. & UBI
Product Engineering & Digital Transformation

27 years

Product Engineering & Digital Transformation

Fortune 500 companies are Sasken's customers


Fortune 500 companies are Sasken's customers

More than 500 Projects Sasken has Delivered Successfully


Projects Delivered Successfully

Billion+ Products powered by Sasken's IP and services

Billion+ Products

powered by Sasken's IP and services

70+ patents



Live Video Surveillance Mobile Client

Success Stories

Live Video Surveillance Mobile Client


Chip to Cognition. Engineering the Next Gen IoT Solutions

The human race is stepping into a world of possibilities fueled by cognitive technology. With everyday devices making decisions for us, we are heading for a smarter and more intuitive living.

Identify, predict, analyze


Jun 12, 2017

In order to define the future, we need to identify, predict, analyze, and assess the information provided by every imaginable source.


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