Vivek Madathil

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Vivek Madathil

Subject Matter Expert

Mobile Application Development Platforms, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Connected Retail, NFC/RFID.

Vivek has 20 years of experience in defining, architecting and developing solutions for customers from different segments such as  Communications & Devices, Operators, Retail and Enterprises. In the present role, Vivek heads the architecture team for Sasken’s Digital Transformation Practice and  focuses on leveraging IoT, mobile application frameworks, cloud, near field communications, RFID and analytics to deliver innovative, market leading solutions.

Apr 11

From insights to innovation

Discover how predictive analytics/maintenance is the next big thing in the data discovery standpoint. 

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Aug 16

How retail IoT and AI are opening new avenues for Retailers

Majority of the sales (90%) still take place through brick-and-mortar stores.

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29 Jun

End-To-End Enterprise Mobility Services to Enhance the Public Transport Domain

With a renewed focus, transportation providers are fast embracing technology in a bid to provide much more enhanced... Read More