Neeta Revankar

Leadership Team

Neeta Revankar

Whole-time Director and CFO

Neeta Revankar is the CFO and member of the Board of Directors at Sasken Technologies Ltd. As an active member of the leadership team, Neeta has been instrumental in helping Sasken drive Fiscal discipline and profitability since inception.  She successfully led the company’s IPO in 2005. She has earned a reputation in the industry as a leader who has been committed to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of transparency in financial management, reporting and corporate governance at Sasken.

She has been a part of meetings of the Sasken Board and audit committee since 2000. Her elevation to the board in 2010 is a testimony to her sharp business acumen and leadership. Recently, she vigorously defended a breach of contract by a licensee and led the company to successive settlements via international arbitrations.

Neeta has held additional responsibilities between November 2008 and 2013 including HR, IS-IT and Global Operations. During this period she established HR as a strong business partner by reinforcing the core pillars of trust, transparency, parity and equity.

She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. Besides, she has participated in the Program for Global Leadership (PGL) in 2001 and the Advanced Management Program (AMP) in 2007 of the Harvard Business School and more recently participated in the Women on Boards program at the Harvard Business School in 2016.

Besides playing a stellar role as CFO here at Sasken, Neeta has also won laurels from external accredited CFO forums.  She was conferred the India CFO Award 2005 for ‘Excellence in Finance in SME’ by IMA India in recognition of her contribution towards enhancing the strategic scope of the finance function and her exemplified excellence in the domain.

Neeta is part of the CFO Board, which is a community-led initiative of senior CFOs in the country. One of the primary objectives of the CFO Board is to help provide a reasoned, long term and unbiased view on a few, critical policy issues to government and to help effect policy change through dialogue, information and insights, best practices and international benchmarks. She is passionate about promoting Alternate Dispute Resolution in India, as a means to cost effective dispute resolution and reduction of the backlog in the judiciary.

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Rajiv C Mody

Chairman, Managing Director & CEO