Meet us at APTA Members’ Annual Meeting

Booth # 208 | Sep 23-26, 2018 | Music City Center, 201, 5th Avenue S | Nashville, TN 37203

Asset Performance Management Solution

Ticketing system for multimodal transport network by leveraging blockchain

Vision Based Analytics solutions

Digital innovators in Transportation are capturing revenues and customer loyalty through enhanced commuter experiences via a combination of software delivering a superior customer experience, digitally enabled hardware and connected vehicles.

New Business Models   Smart Connected Products   Driving Operational Efficiencies
Digital ticketing, Multi modal trip planning, Smart parking Assistant, Safety – driver, passenger & pedestrian, Real Time Passenger Information, MaaS/Rideshare platforms. IoTization of legacy products, Adding intelligence & connectivity to deliver enhanced customer engagement, Powering intelligent V2x services via Vehicles to RSU, Network and Other Vehicle communication. Smart Connected factories driving IIoT, Increased uptime with Predictive maintenance, ML based Roster scheduling and Trip Planning, Field Service optimization via AR solutions.

For the past 30 years Sasken is enhancing the world’s leading companies to create value through innovative uses of technology. Sasken Digital’s professional services are built around delivering custom built scalable and reliable next-gen digital solutions in the areas of:

block chain
Block Chain

Visit us at our booth# 208 to find out how we are helping our customers to get more from their products and assets by leveraging our digital transformation services and solutions. Come and experience some of our industry-focused solutions at the event:

  • Asset Performance Management Solution
  • Ticketing system for multimodal transport network by leveraging blockchain
  • Vision Based Analytics solutions for:
    • Forward Collision warning
    • Pedestrian detection
    • Driver Drowsiness detection

We look forward to meeting you at our booth #208 from September 23 to 26. For a meeting request, please write to Ripunjay.Nayak@sasken.com

Leverage our deep expertise in Platform development & sustenance, Mobile Apps development, IoT, Analytics and Blockchain.

1. ISVs and Public Transport Operators/Transit Agencies
  1. Platform engineering of intelligent transportation platform across the lifecycle
  2. Future proofing the platform by modernizing it through APIs, Cloud & Mobility
  3. Providing go-to-market speed and scale by deploying & implementing the platform/products for various Transit Agencies/Public Transport Operators
  4. Developing of Persona-based mobile applications to improve commuter convenience and increase ridership
  5. Vision based analytics solutions for passenger, pedestrian and driver safety
  6. Blockchain based revenue sharing solutions for multi modal transportation
2. Transportation product manufacturers:
  1. IIoT platform development & factory floor rollouts
  2. HMI modernization and companion app development
  3. IoTization of legacy products to make them connected and intelligent to drive an enhanced customer experience
  4. Asset performance management/preventive maintenance for rolling stock
  5. AR/VR based applications for improving field operations productivity
  6. Asset registry using Blockchain
3. Autonomous vehicles
  1. On Board Intelligence Applications for safety, smart parking assistance, incident warnings etc.
  2. Automated Vehicle Control Applications
  3. V2X apps for micro path planning, route planning, lane change assistance etc.
Sasken APTA 2018



Developed and deployed Automated Fare Collection and Intermodal Transport Control Systems for a European customer across Europe, Africa and North America markets.
Reduced CAPEX by 30% via cloud enablement of an Intelligent Transportation platform for a North American Transit Agency.
Developed persona-based mobile app suite for an intelligent transportation platform provider/ISV head quartered in Europe
Developed IIoT platform for a large Industrial equipment manufacturer
Widget based alerts and dashboards system for a large equipment manufacturer
Asset performance management/preventive maintenance of rolling stock
Machine Learning based Driver drowsiness detection and forward collision warning for a Japanese OEM
Blockchain based revenue sharing solutions for multi modal transportation

Customer Speaks

Manabu Takeuchi, President, Armis Corporation, shares his experience of collaborating with Sasken. He explains how Armis leveraged ....


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