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Over 2 million vehicles worldwide use

Sasken’s automotive solutions

Connected Cars – Architecture, Challenges and Way Forward

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In the evolving automotive landscape, consumers are demanding a host of connected car services that include superior entertainment, real-time information access, and enhanced safety. Sasken’s R&D services for OEMs (car and truck) and tier-1s range from intelligent in-car infotainment to autonomous driving assistance, safety, and personalized mobility experience.


ADAS Validation Solution
  • Test vision-based and sensor fusion algorithms with Sasken’s ADAS validation solution
Multi-Domain Controller (MDC)
  • Reduce costs without compromising on safety and functionality with Sasken’s Multi-Domain Controller (MDC)
Android IVI
  • Stable Android-based infotainment platform which you can use to customize and add your own IVI features
Smart Mobility
  • Inculcate newer data sources and leverage analytics to drive better consumer experience with Sasken’s smart mobility

Platform Development Expertise



  • 25+ years in engineering flagship products for 100+ Fortune 500 companies
  • Building next gen smart products and solutions with leaders in IoT
  • Leader in the IoT value chain with sensors, connectivity, cloud, analytics, and applications expertise
  • Partnerships with leading semiconductor vendors
  • Productized wearables on multiple OS platforms such as Android, Linux, RTOS
  • Expertise in low power connectivity technologies - BLE, Wi-Fi, USB, 3G/LTE
  • Proven antenna design capability to achieve stringent power consumption requirements

Sasken rated in the Leadership Zone by Zinnov - Zinnov Zones 2016 - Product Engineering Services


Over 2 million vehicles worldwide use Sasken’s automotive solutions
RSE system for Japanese tier-1 integrated in over 500K car units sold by OEM
Over 125 million devices shipped with Sasken’s performance optimized multimedia codecs
Enabled NA OEM launch next-gen LTE-based telematics solution
Developed European Tier-1’s India Center as the CoE for Connectivity
Enabling OEM device Customization for Enterprise and Military customer
Reduced cycle time and faster time-to-market through automation of Android devices
Graphical analysis of build results with error detection and removal for NA tier-1
American luxury car manufacturer leveraged Sasken’s expertise in field testing of Telematics solution
25% Faster Test Cycle for Tier-1 Auto IVI solution provider