Developing Terminals and Virtualizing Networks


Developing Terminals and Virtualizing Networks

Sasken provides extensive expertise to global satellite communication leaders in developing terminals, virtualizing networks, and enabling telecommunication with satellites. Sasken has executed full product program R&D for 15 mobile handset products with conceptualization, integration, productization, and production ramp up. Recently, Sasken delivered an end-to-end satellite phone in 18 months for the world’s leading satellite service provider.

Sasken’s credentials on the network side are leveraged by global service providers who require support in sustenance, SDN, and virtualization areas. Sasken has partnered with an American company to provide network virtualization to satellite service providers around the world.

Sasken’s Expertise In Satellite Communication

At the event, Sasken displayed a handheld satellite terminal developed for the world’s leading satellite service provider along with M2M devices that detail Sasken’s communication expertise.

Along with its partner, Pensa Networks, Sasken presented case studies on supporting some of the world’s leading satellite service providers in areas such as sustenance, SDN, and virtualization.

Success Track Record:

Sasken has developed and delivered a complete satellite phone complying with GMR2+ specifications for the world’s leading satellite service provider. Sasken delivered a state-of-the-art satellite phone with long battery life, exceptional voice quality, low cost rugged design with IP54 rating, and low foot print modem and application framework.

Sasken was involved in the concept analysis, system design, hardware and software design and implementation, electro mechanics engineering, schematics, and PCB layout design. Sasken also carried out rigorous product validation verification, production testing, interoperability testing, prototype manufacturing and verification as well as manufacturing ramp-up and support.

The customer also entrusted Sasken with the development of a new generation of satellite phone which included additional features such as new ID and mechanics with ratings of IP65 and IK04, faster network registration, incoming alerts without deploying antenna, location tracking, SOS assistance, eCompass, and the latest security and encryption algorithms.


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