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With consumers looking to save time, e-commerce platforms are gaining a significant edge over traditional retailers. The former offers recommendations based on browsing behavior, saved payments, one-day delivery, etc. by using the customer’s data.

Though e-commerce accounts for only 8.5 percent of the total retail revenue, the growth has been rapid in this space. Market reports suggest that while the market share of retailers is fairly huge, the stores with differentiated value offerings are witnessing better growth.

Thus, this is compelling brick and mortar stores to compete aggressively with e-commerce players by using technology to provide superior in-store brand experiences and personalized customer service. However, today’s customers prefer communication which is convenient and unobtrusive.


Leverage Sasken’s technology expertise for Retail in the following areas:

Connected Store Experience

Provide unobtrusive customer engagement by leveraging the store’s RFID or surveillance infrastructure

Item Level Intelligence

Get real-time merchandize visibility and buyer behavior analytics

In-Store Experience

Connected with consumers in all stages of the buying process

Read Sasken’s take on the need for both, Physical and Digital, in the Retail segment.


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Jun 12, 2017

“Infrastructure issues have to be fixed first for IoT to become a reality” – Srinivas Prasad


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