ADAS Validation Solution

ADAS Validation Solution

Advanced driver assistance systems require huge amount of annotated video data for comprehensive coverage of different driving scenarios. Generating video content for various geographies, terrains, weather, and traffic scenarios and the subsequent manual annotation of the same for algorithm validation is a pain point in the industry today. In spite of billions of hours of testing, OEMs fail to run tests on all kinds of scenarios.

Sasken’s solution generates test video based on a scenario description along with simulated sensor signals which can be used to test vision-based and sensor fusion algorithms. The solution will then compare ADAS system’s algorithm against the scenario description for accuracy and latency of detection. The report generated by our solution can help you identify failure points and update your algorithm.

  • Features:
    • Completely open source
    • Scene specification
    • Vision algorithm validation
    • Active safety & sensor fusion
    • Drive recording/spec
    • Drive control
    • Video generation
    • Sensor signal generation
Dorairaj Vembu

Dorairaj Vembu

Subject Matter Expert

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