Multi-Domain Controller

Multi-Domain Controller

The growing number of features in the connected car today is driving up costs and complexity of the systems. The number of ECUs in high-end cars has increased from close to 40 to 100+ in the past decade. A hypervisor-based system that can run two independent domains on a single piece of hardware can reduce costs without compromising on safety and functionality.

Sasken’s accelerator for the hypervisor-based solution demonstrates the feasibility of realizing the key infotainment and cluster use-cases on a virtualized SoC and forms the core of a full-featured production system. This will help you achieve shorter time-to-market by providing a readymade accelerator for creating a hypervisor-based infotainment and cluster system. Sasken’s solution addresses the key challenges in consolidating the IVI and ICS functions of the cockpit domain to bring cost advantage to customers. This includes:

  • Solution features:
    • Safely co-locating open-source IVI platforms including AGL, GENIVI, Android and the cluster while ensuring isolation of the cluster functionality from the IVI
    • Effective, real-time sharing of GPU resources between the IVI and cluster ensuring smooth rendering
    • Fast-boot of cluster functionality
    • Reduced impact of consolidation on cluster response-time and IVI performance
    • Security
  • Solution features:
    • ISO 26262 compliant QNX hypervisor
    • AGL 3.0 for the IVI and QNX for the cluster
    • IVI features:
      • Full-HD video playback
      • Wireless SDL for smartphone connectivity
      • Application framework for aftermarket application installation
      • FOTA
      • Secure boot
  • Cluster features:
    • Fast boot
    • CAN interface
    • Speedometer, odometer and RPM gauges
    • Fuel, oil, battery and temperature guages
    • PRNDL indicator
    • Reverse camera
    • IVI media metadata display
  • Highly Flexible:
    • Room for adopting GENIVI and Android
    • Scalable for multiple ECU configurations
      • IVI + ICS
      • IVI + TCU
      • IVI + ICS + HUD
      • IVI + ICS + TCU + HUD
Dorairaj Vembu

Dorairaj Vembu

Subject Matter Expert

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