Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

Today, consumers want their cars to be their companions and make smart choices about pit stops, fuel stations, drive routes, car wallets, upcoming service records, vehicle health, etc. While these are some of the key features for gaining customer loyalty and increasing value perception, they are also generating vast amount of data in cars. For OEMs and Tier-1s, there is immense value that can be extracted from the right analysis of this data. On the other hand, businesses like fleet owners, insurance providers, car rentals, etc. can analyze data from driving characteristics, vehicle breakdown modeling, driver and passenger safety for operational efficiencies.

Sasken’s smart mobility solution empowers OEMs, dealers, fleet owners, insurance, and car rental companies leverage a combination of OBD-II, telematics, car sensors, mobile phone, etc. to extract data from the car and analyze it in real time. Sasken provides aftermarket OBD-2 dongle development and application development services to OEMs and tier-1s with use cases such as driving behavior analysis and enhanced user experience.

Sasken’s Smart Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance services provide augmented and virtual reality applications to guide service centers in making smart decisions based on learning from the vehicle’s health parameters. Sasken provides services in the development of ride sharing applications to enable OEMs to connect with consumers better and generate new revenue streams.

  • Features:
    • Driver behavior analytics
    • Trip analysis
    • Vehicle analysis
    • User management
    • X-Platform native app
    • Configuration and monitoring
    • Device capability
    • Business APIs
Ashish Mital

Ashish Mital

Subject Matter Expert

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