Sasken has a breadth of experience working on telematics platforms such as TI, Renesas, Qualcomm, and Intel. With our varied expertise across UI, connectivity, middleware and multiple platforms, we have marked our presence in supporting automotive Tier-1s and OEMs in enabling technologies. Sasken’s offerings are aligned to the key constituents of telematics and encompass product ideation, product engineering, user interface development, cloud enablement, mobility enablement, and analytics.

  • Connected Car Gateway

    In the commoditization of the traditional TCU market, a phenomenon of ECU consolidation is taking over. The problem of multiple functions getting integrated into a single ECU can be solved by Sasken’s Connected Car Gateway which is based on GENIVI standards.


    • Collecting and uploading vehicle performance information to cloud for analytics
    • Vehicle tracking, status monitoring, and security
    • e-Call, B-Call
    • HTML5 engine
    • Interface to Home Gateway Unit to control AC, garage lighting and other home appliances
    • Usage of standards based protocol. MQTT based messaging system to communicate with cloud
    • Unified architecture supporting both OEM-fitted (CAN) and aftermarket (OBD-II) scenarios
    • Provision for 3rd party modem integration
    • Internet sharing
  • Drive Safe: Usage Based Insurance Solution

    Insurance carriers are adopting UBI that enables better risk pricing, reduced claim costs, increased customer acquisition, improved loyalty, retention and brand. Insurance regulators favor UBI as it promotes safe driving, better fuel consumption and emission standards. Sasken’s UBI solution uses smart phone sensors (Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Magnetometer) for event detection and driver scoring.


    • Sensor based event detection – braking, cornering, over-speeding
    • Android and iOS apps for monitoring
    • Carrier portal – trip charts, driver classifications and summary
    • Driver rating based on statistical data models (noise smoothing, filtering, regression)
    • Offline mode of operation
  • Services
    • Modem Integration
    • Platform Software
    • Testing
    • Vehicle Security
    • Application Development
    • Vehicle Processor
    • TSP Middleware Integration
      • Data Analytics
        • Real Time Data Ingestion from OBD-II devices
        • Telematics Data aggregation & clean-up and integration
        • Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solutions for Context Based Maintenance
        • Actionable Insights Platform for OEMs to streamline their business operations
  • Platform Services

    Hardware Platforms

    • Texas Instruments - J4, J5, J6
    • Renesas - R Car H2
    • Intel - Atom 38xx, Gordon Ridge MRB based on Apollo Lake SoC
    • Qualcomm - 820A, 602A
    • NXP - i.MX6
    • Software Platforms

      • AGL
      • QNX
Dorairaj Vembu

Dorairaj Vembu

Subject Matter Expert

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