Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development

Sasken has over two decades of deep domain expertise in the area of embedded systems. Sasken has extensive expertise in providing protocol and middleware services to global tier-1 customers. Sasken provides services across hardware abstraction layer, firmware and driver development along with support for multiple OS such as Android, Windows and RTOS. On the wearables front, Sasken enables OEMs with sensor integration, low power connectivity and minimal UI applications for power optimization.

  • BSP
    • Kernel configuration, serial developer console, enable ADB debugging
    • Dynamic UI screen refresh with various images to indicate the device state
    • Optimized kernel image for quicker boot and appropriate memory foot-prints
  • Multimedia and Connectivity
    • Graphics, camera, audio, video bring-up, porting, stabilization
    • HAL adaptation: camera, ALSA
    • Component development and porting BT, NFC, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, GPS, USB, sensors
    • Driver development and platform integration
    • Benchmarking and optimization
  • Modem Integration
    • AP/Modem integration across chipsets
    • OEM customizations
    • Operator customizations
    • Power and performance
    • Validation and certification
    • Maintenance and support
  • Applications, Enterprise, Security and MDM Expertise
    • Application management
    • Device configuration
    • Peripherals policy
    • Enterprise and security customizations
  • Power and Performance
    • Use-case Profile (Idle, Off, Playback)
    • Power monitor, Spartan, Xerxes tools
    • HW rail points monitored
    • Manage UI, System, Graphics, Browser performance
    • Use Logcat, SunSpider, NeoCore, GLBenchmark, AnTuTu, DDMS
  • System Integration, Validation
    • End-to-end testing across product life cycle
    • App FW, OS, BSP and driver validation
    • MM algorithms and middleware testing
    • Protocol stack, FT, IOT
    • Standard conformance and Certification testing
Krishna Kishore

Krishna Kishore

Subject Matter Expert

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