Sasken Q4 FY21-22 result announced

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Sasken Q4 FY21-22 result announced

When I examine our performance, we have performed credibly when it comes to maintaining our profitability despite the extraordinary circumstances that have been globally impacting businesses. While our topline hasn’t grown to the extent anticipated, we believe that in fiscal FY22 sufficient progress has been made to lay the foundation for improving the scalability and continuity of our business. Our customer conversations ascertain the value we provide to them. We strive to scale business engagements with our key accounts, said Rajiv C Mody, Chairman, Managing Director, and CEO of Sasken.

Performance Snapshot for the Quarter: Q4 FY 22

  • Consolidated Revenues for Q4 FY 22 at ₹ 109.18 Crore
    • Up 2.7 % sequentially over the previous quarter
    • Down 1.3 % YoY from Q4 FY 21
  • Consolidated EBIT for Q4 FY 22 at ₹ 29.36 Crore
    • Down 1.6 % sequentially over the previous quarter
    • Down 13.2 % YoY from Q4 FY 21
    • EBIT Margins for the quarter at 26.9 %
  • Consolidated PAT for Q4 FY 22 at ₹ 26.88 Crore
    • Down 10.6 % sequentially over the previous quarter
    • Down 7.6 % YoY from Q4 FY 21
    • PAT Margins for the quarter at 24.6 %

Performance Snapshot for the FY 22

  • Consolidated Revenues for FY 22 at ₹ 433.91 Crore
    • Down 2.5 % YoY from FY 21
  • Consolidated EBIT for FY 22 at ₹ 122.56 Crore
    • Up 1.8 % YoY from FY 21
    • EBIT Margins for the at 28.2 %
  • Consolidated PAT for FY 22 at ₹ 128.25 Crore
    • Up 12.0 % YoY from FY 21
    • PAT Margins for the year 29.5 %

Key business metrics

  • Revenue contribution from the Top 5 customers stood at 40.0 % and from the Top 10 customers at 64.0 %
  • Added 5 new customers during the quarter, taking the total number of active customers to 65.
  • Consolidated EPS was at ₹ 17.87 for the quarter.

A fact sheet providing the operating metrics for the company and a presentation for analysts can be downloaded from the investor section of the corporate website

About Sasken
Sasken is a specialist in Product Engineering and Digital Transformation providing concept-to-market, chip-to-cognition R&D services to global leaders in Semiconductor, Automotive, Industrials, Consumer Electronics, Enterprise Devices, SatCom, Telecom, and Transportation industries. For over 30 years and with multiple patents, Sasken has transformed the businesses of 100+ Fortune 500 companies, powering more than a billion devices through its services and IP.


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