Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Step 1

An ideal first step would be to look through our website and the work we do; how far our tendons stretch and whether our area of work excites you.Once you have established that we’re involved in some great work in the technology space, you could look in our opportunities page to see if there are any current vacancies. If you are a fresh graduate, you could follow this up by contacting your campus placement officer to find out about positions that are available or contact our Talent Acquisition (TA) teams. An executive from our TA team will guide you through the process from there.

Step 2 – The interview process

We ensure that our opportunities and our employees fit like a glove. In order to do this, we follow a rigorous recruitment process.

First, a TA member may discuss your resume over the phone. He or she will gauge your experience, area/s of interest and get acquainted with what you are looking for from a career standpoint. At this level, you will also be given more details about the particular opening and about us.

Recruitment Process

Round I – If you are selected to participate in the next stage of the process, you will be interacting with a relatively senior member of the same team or a corresponding team. This could be termed the ‘technical round’. It might involve doing a simple test  according to the skill set.

Round II – This may or may not be required, as the case may be. It will involve speaking to another Sasian about your skills and experiences, a little more in-depth.

HR Round – Considering you are selected to go through to this round, you shall be meeting an HR person who will meet with you and gauge other aspects of your personality and see if Sasken can satisfy you as an employee to the maximum. Other aspects of organization behavior will also be looked into.

After this, the recruiter will contact you to let you know your status in the recruitment process and next steps.